FAQs for customers

You can withdraw upto INR 10,000 in a day using your PocketATM app. If you are on plus plan, you can withdraw upto INR 20,000 in a day using the PocketATM app. We are working on launching the plus plan and that shall be available to select users based on transaction history, app usage etc.
The customer does not need to have a bank account in order to start transacting on the PocketATM platform.
No, you cannot use credit card to withdraw cash on PocketATM. You need to associate your bank account with the application, using UPI
The customer needs to open an account with PocketATM to start using the application and draw cash from nearby stores.
Based on the amount requested by you, the application automatically intimates the final amount that you must transfer to the merchant via UPI. To see details on how charges are levied, please visit the convenience charges section on the application.
There is no limit on the number of transactions on the PocketATM application
There are no transaction charges applicable on withdrawals made using PocketATM.
No, the acceptance of partial cash from merchants will not be treated as a valid transaction & accordingly, no grievance support will be provided in this case.

FAQs for Merchants

No, you cannot immediately withdraw the balance on your PocketATM wallet. The balance on PocketATM account becomes eligible for withdrawal in the bank account, after two hours of a particular transaction. The total balance that can be withdrawn is based on FIFO (First in First out)
You can set your dispensing limit to only once a day. The dispensing limit for the coming day can be set only post 12 midnight till it is set again.
In order to see your transaction summary, please click on the transactions summary tab on the dashboard and you will be able to see your transaction summary for the date period you select.
No, there is no reset available on dispensing limits. If the merchant does not wish to dispense as per the initial dispensing limit set by the platform, the merchant can switch off the active status on the application.
If you have registered as a merchant, you cannot use the PocketATM application to withdraw cash.
By navigating to the earnings section on the dashboard, you can figure out the earnings on the PocketATM app.

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